Dippu Sangma – India

Dippu is a 24 year old all rounder playing for the Meghalaya state 1st class side in India he is a classy middle order bat with the ability to build an innings or to go big as the situation demands, he averages a massive 94 in one day cricket and whilst that may be a little misleading it shows what talent and ability this lad has. He has a 1st class high score of 114* and his bowling is also very strong he is a nippy medium fast who is quicker on to the bat than you think, he has a 1st class bowling average of just 28 per wicket and all this has been achieved in just 2 years at 1st class level. Make no bones about it if you are playing 1st class or one day cricket in India which is the one of if not the best standard of domestic professional cricket in the world then you are a serious player.For a 1st time in the UK Dippu would be a top choice.


Allrounder (Seam)BatsmanProfessionalSeam Bowler