Prasanth Kumar – India

At 29 years old Prasantha Kumar has been on the 1st class scene for 9 years and in that time he has amassed over 5500 runs across all formats and has a 1st class batting average a shade under 36 with 9 hundreds and 31 scores over 50 in that time. Prasantha is a batting all rounder clearly he is a fabulous bat as his stats show, but he also bowls very good off spin and in a country where outstanding spinners are plentiful it is a credit to Prasantha that he bowls regularly. At present he has 28 wickets to his name but he has bowled in every 1st class game Last season and is seen as a genuine all rounder in the making by the Management at Andhra. Prasantha has decided he would like to come to the UK for the 1st time in 2022 and he has the ideal profile and the talent to be a big hit over here.


Allrounder (Spin)BatsmanProfessionalSpin Bowler