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. When you speak of pursuit of happiness it probably some mix of all
Wholesale jerseys those three things In your book, you describe an experience where you went to a conference about happiness, and a angel arrived. He said that is just three things: good health, meaningful work and love. You have that; you happy. Was he missing anything relative to success as you would define it? Shell: The person I call the wise angel was really just a senior citizen who wandered into a Wharton seminar that the faculty were giving on the relationship between income and the emotion of happiness. I called him the wise angel because he was dressed in workingman clothes. He really didn belong in the setting. And the [statement he made] to the presenter was about as un academic a concept of happiness as you can find, but very deeply felt and in many ways very wise. Good health is certainly a very important component of well being. And meaningful work is something I talk at great length about in the book, because it something

outside of work. And that the wrong approach. What leaders do when they try to create change, when they aim to make sustainable change that lasts, is enlist the people around them in whatever it is they trying to get done that new by having those people see the benefits for them. So in the total leadership approach, what you do is first spend some time on what I call real. What most important to you? You write about that. You think about your core values, your vision of the kind of leader you want to become, the world you want to create and the legacy you want to leave. Talk about that with others to get clearer about what really matters to you. The second piece is what I call
Cheap jerseys whole. There you identify the performance expectations of the most important people in your life at work, at home and in the community. You list the most four or five most important people or groups. What do they expect of you? What do you expect of them? Then you talk to those people. You prepare for, and engage

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