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for this story. His comments, along with hours of tapes from inside the White House Situation Room, never seen photographs taken aboard Air Force Two and interviews with participants in the crisis shed new light on the day Reagan became the fifth sitting president to be shot and the only one who lived. recall thinking about Nancy and the president when I first heard how bad the situation really was, Bush told The News. though it was still early in the administration, I didn think about them as president and first lady, but rather as friends. Standing almost against the car, Secret Service Agent Tim McCarthy turned to shield the president and was lifted off his feet as a bullet struck his chest. In the driver seat, Agent Drew Unrue watched his friend McCarthy fall from view. Behind the president, Secret Service Special Agent in Charge Jerry Parr grabbed Reagan waist and left shoulder and hurled the 70 year old headfirst onto the floor of the armored limousine. His chest crashed against the

only factor associated with weight loss was inclusion of a partner or relative in the treatment program.7 Similar
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Wholesale NFL jerseys couples working to reduce their risk of disease and increase their activity. A study on close to 1,500 British couples participating in a lifestyle intervention program to reduce the risk for heart disease found that those who benefited the most had partners who also benefited the most. Conversely, men and women who benefited little from the program had partners who benefited little. 8 In a study on exercise, married couples participating in a program together had significantly higher attendance and a dramatically lower dropout rate than married individuals who participated alone. 9 In fact, only 6 percent of the married couples dropped out compared with 43 percent of the singles. Bottom Line Couples working to lose weight or keep the weight off together encourage each other’s progress and help each other through the challenges that come with

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Articles Connexes:

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